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It’s the first Lunch Break of April- and while that might mean a rainy Friday for some of us, it doesn’t mean we have to take it sitting down. And the best way I know to change the weather and make it sunny up here (I’m tapping my head)?

A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs’ (mostly) monthly Fool’s Gold Radio. And here’s a choice mix from last July featuring some of Fool’s Gold’s finest.

Enjoy your lunch!

It’s Friday!

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This week’s been a little crazy, so for lunch today I’m serving up a tried and true mix that totally stands the test of time. Nothing wrong with a classic. Today’s Lunch Break comes courtesy of DFA Records’ Radiomix Series. This one is all Joe Goddard- Hot Chip member and DJ extraordinaire. Get the full tracklist here. Yes, that is Sister Sledge. 

Enjoy your lunch!

Lunch time!

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